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Really Sweet Same Day Hotel Deals

The sweetest of hotel deals is the same day hotel special.  Sure you can get a sweet deal with very early booking or late booking a few days in advance.  But, when hotels have a drop in occupancy on the date of check-in due to factors that they had not planned for, sweet hotel deals are abundant.  Hotels have the ability to very quickly change the room’s rates similar to airlines.  Have you ever been on the phone getting an airline quote and while you were on hold the price literally doubled as the last seats on the plane were taken by another agent and you were forced to consider another flight?  It happens and the industry adapts to supply and demand quickly to prevent lost revenue or inefficient use of its fixed resources.

Same Day Hotel Specials

If you are travelling at the last minute, look for a sweet hotel deal with a Same Day Hotel Special.  You’ll need to enter your date (presumably today or tomorrow) and search the hotels in your travel destination.  Then “Sort By” the lowest rates and look for highly guest rated hotels with promo prices and specials.  These are today’s sweet hotel deals and likely the best rates available for short notice last minute hotel same day bookings.

If you are flexible on the location of your hotel, be sure to check the “nearby” cities and areas.  Sometimes these hotels are just as close to your destination as the hotels inside the city.  And because they don’t often see the same level of demand, you may score a sweet hotel deal just outside your target area but close enough to make the savings cover the cost of a cab and leave enough money in your pocket to pad your travel budget.

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