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We don’t know who coined the phrase “sweet deal”; but we know that it’s been around a long time, who knows how long? The 70’s were “sweet” as were the 50’s and of course sweet deals are just as sweet today.  So what’s a Sweet Hotel Deal?  Sweet Hotel Deals generally come in the form of same day hotel specials, last rooms available, very early or very late booking, seasonal occupancy discount, sell off hotels, hotels booking tonight, and hotel demand fluctuation due to temporary inconvenience (construction, traffic routing, noise, and other exogenous issues to the hotel).  But what they all have in common is that if you are looking for a really great price, a sweet hotel deal, then you’ll generally find it if it fits into one or more of those descriptions and dozens of others that motivate the hotel to drastically drop the room rates to fill it.  Hotel rooms and suites all have an expiration date.  If the room or suite goes unsold there is no opportunity for the hotel to make up the lost revenue.  Hoteliers are especially sensitive to lost revenue opportunities and managers and the accounting team are held to strict occupancy standards to keep hotel rooms and hotel suites full.

That’s Where the Sweet Hotel Deals Come From

Its not a mystery or secrect price.  Hoteliers need to maintain as close to 100% occupancy on the hotels rooms as possible.  Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com provides daily specials and special room rates from hotels that have a need to increase their occupancy rates, often on short notice.  It’s important to look for the “special rates” or “promo rates” and click through to see the discounts based upon your particular dates.  If your travel dates are flexible, try changing them a bit to see if the room rate goes down even further.  Often, there may be just one date in your range that causes the hotel room or suite rate to increase substantially and if you can avoid that particular date you’ll end up with a really sweet hotel deal.

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