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Historic Hotels are a great way to stay in a room with history and ambiance.  In the United States there are hundreds of historic hotels with over 200 hotels identified by one of the larger historic hotel designation groups alone.  These are exceptionally fine quality hotels that have been faithfully restored to preserve their architectural integrity to the time period.  They are maintained and preserved in a manner consistent with the period of the original construction, so the room amenities give the guest a feel for earlier times, while offering some of the highly desired modern amenities.  Most hotels that are registered with a group as “historic” are at least 50 years old or they have become eligible for the United States National Register of Historic Places.

If you’re travelling by car and visiting many cities on your trip you’ll definitely want to try to book a sweet hotel deal in one of America’s historic hotels.  Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com offers a great selection of boutique hotels, historic hotels, and small luxury hotels that provide a unique guest experience and a temporary throw back to an earlier, simpler time when hotels were carefully built to last for generations with hand craftsmanship and attention to the finest of all details.

Some of the Most Famous Sweet Hotels

Some of the most famous historic hotels are over 100 years old.  The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco was constructed in 1907 and still welcomes guests with the old charm and hospitality that you would expect from a hotel of this era.  The Middlebury Inn of Middlebury Vermont has a history that dates back over 180 years.  Originally the Inn was used as a “public house”, it later changed ownership several times and made improvements over the years until it functioned as a livery for guests in the late 1800’s. Around the turn of the century the building then known as the Addison house installed baths, a steam heating system, electricity, and a new dining room and kitchen.  After additional upgrades and renovations the Addison house opened as The Middlebury Inn in 1927.  You can still get a room or a suite with a sweet hotel deal at this wonderful lodging facility and experience the charm of bygone eras.

If your travel’s take you south to Texas, you’ll want to experience the antiquity and charm of Galveston Island Texas and stay at the Hotel Galvez right on the Texas coast overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.  Originally known as the “Queen of the Gulf” and opened in 1911 this hotel has withstood numerous hurricanes and natural disasters due to its turn of the century construction, which was built to last.  Really sweet hotel deals are generally available off-season (October through February) and the weather in Texas is often temperate during most of this time period. This charming hotel has been the accommodation of choice for such distinguished guests as Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes, and even Franklin Roosevelt.  You might even want to see the suites and rooms that they stayed in.

Endeavor to Stay in a Historic Hotel

Finding a sweet hotel deal in a historic hotel is something that every traveler should endeavor to do, especially people that feel at home with history and the opulence of these well build hotels form the past.  You don’t have to scour the Internet looking for them.  Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com offers a really nice selection of these hotels in states across the United States and the world.  And if you want a sweet hotel deal in any of them it’s as simple as booking online.

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