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Tips To Get a Sweet Hotel Deal

Sweet Hotel Deals Aren’t Just Suite Hotel Rooms

Sure, Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com offers a large selection of sweet hotel deals on the inventory of hotel rooms and hotel suites, but we specialize in providing hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and accommodations from boutique and historic owner-operated hotels and inns.  This type of room inventory is often highly undervalued due to the difficulty they have marketing their availability to the typical travel consumer.  Many travelers don’t know what keywords to use when searching for boutique hotels, small hotels, or a small luxury or historic owner-operated hotel.

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Sweet Holiday Deals On Sweet Hotel Rooms

During the holidays travelers hit the roads and the sky in numbers that reach peak volume for airline carriers and hoteliers.  Most of these travelers will book their holiday travel at least 30 to 90 days in advance.  And often when they book they are using a major hotel booking engine that contracts for its inventory, largely from major hotel chains.

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Sweet Hotel Deals Are Hidden Boutique Gems

Have you ever gone antique shopping through numerous malls and antique shops with nothing in particular in mind?  Maybe you’re just “looking for something that you can’t live without”, and “you’ll know it when you see it” is the sort of honest reply that you would give to the shopkeeper when approached with their familiar greeting “may I help you find something today?”

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Sweet Hotel Deals in Historic Hotels

Historic Hotels are a great way to stay in a room with history and ambiance.  In the United States there are hundreds of historic hotels with over 200 hotels identified by one of the larger historic hotel designation groups alone.  These are exceptionally fine quality hotels that have been faithfully restored to preserve their architectural integrity to the time period.  They are maintained and preserved in a manner consistent with the period of the original construction, so the room amenities give the guest a feel for earlier times, while offering some of the highly desired modern amenities.  Most hotels that are registered with a group as “historic” are at least 50 years old or they have become eligible for the United States National Register of Historic Places.

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Small Luxury Sweet Hotel Deals Reviewed

An often overlooked accommodation option are the small luxury hotels.  These hotels can be historic or more modern but often boast no more than a couple of dozen rooms.  Many times they are independently owned and operated so you’ll get the feeling that your business is very important to the hotel.  Finding a sweet hotel deal in a small luxury hotel can be quite simple.  You can even read guest reviews on Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com that will give you relevant and timely information from previous guests on the service, the cleanliness of the hotel and its rooms and suites, the food, the lobby amenities and common areas, and the outdoor features of the hotel.  It’s wise to always use the guest reviews as a guidepost to your selection.

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Really Sweet Same Day Hotel Deals

The sweetest of hotel deals is the same day hotel special.  Sure you can get a sweet deal with very early booking or late booking a few days in advance.  But, when hotels have a drop in occupancy on the date of check-in due to factors that they had not planned for, sweet hotel deals are abundant.  Hotels have the ability to very quickly change the room’s rates similar to airlines.  Have you ever been on the phone getting an airline quote and while you were on hold the price literally doubled as the last seats on the plane were taken by another agent and you were forced to consider another flight?  It happens and the industry adapts to supply and demand quickly to prevent lost revenue or inefficient use of its fixed resources.

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Sweet Deals On Hotel Rooms And Suites

We don’t know who coined the phrase “sweet deal”; but we know that it’s been around a long time, who knows how long? The 70’s were “sweet” as were the 50’s and of course sweet deals are just as sweet today.  So what’s a Sweet Hotel Deal?  Sweet Hotel Deals generally come in the form of same day hotel specials, last rooms available, very early or very late booking, seasonal occupancy discount, sell off hotels, hotels booking tonight, and hotel demand fluctuation due to temporary inconvenience (construction, traffic routing, noise, and other exogenous issues to the hotel).  But what they all have in common is that if you are looking for a really great price, a sweet hotel deal, then you’ll generally find it if it fits into one or more of those descriptions and dozens of others that motivate the hotel to drastically drop the room rates to fill it.  Hotel rooms and suites all have an expiration date.  If the room or suite goes unsold there is no opportunity for the hotel to make up the lost revenue.  Hoteliers are especially sensitive to lost revenue opportunities and managers and the accounting team are held to strict occupancy standards to keep hotel rooms and hotel suites full.

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