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An often overlooked accommodation option are the small luxury hotels.  These hotels can be historic or more modern but often boast no more than a couple of dozen rooms.  Many times they are independently owned and operated so you’ll get the feeling that your business is very important to the hotel.  Finding a sweet hotel deal in a small luxury hotel can be quite simple.  You can even read guest reviews on Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com that will give you relevant and timely information from previous guests on the service, the cleanliness of the hotel and its rooms and suites, the food, the lobby amenities and common areas, and the outdoor features of the hotel.  It’s wise to always use the guest reviews as a guidepost to your selection.

Even the best of hotels can change hands and temporarily experience a change in user satisfaction.  Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com offers thousands upon thousands of hotel guest reviews covering small luxury hotels all over the world.  Hotels are rated by the guests and then scored on a 1 to 10 scale overall.  It’s best to stay with hotels that have a satisfactory number of reviews that are 7 out of 10 or better -unless it’s a hotel that you have stayed in before -or you’re a bit more adventurous and need to book an accommodation at that particular hotel for a function or convenience.

Hotel Guest Reviews Indentify Sweet Hotel Deals

When reading hotel reviews its important to “read between the lines”.  Here is an example of two reviews of the exact same hotel, both rated highly (8 out of 10, and 10 out of 10 respectively), which provide a wealth of information for the traveler with different tastes and preferences.

Guest Score: Very Good | 8 out of 10

By: Robert

Overall, we did enjoy our stay. However the hotel is very outdated, and for the price we paid, I would have wanted a little more updated room. The other older hotel in the area was about the same price and they had completely redone the place. But it was a nice stay, the staff was nice, the hotel was charming and it was in a great location.

Pros: Great location, friendly staff, lots of charm.

Cons: Room decor was outdated and rooms were oddly laid out.


Guest Score: Exceptional | 10 out of 10

By: Amy

The hotel is probably 80 years old, but has been carefully maintained as opposed to gutted and modernized. The restaurant is not, technically, part of the hotel. It's a separate business. It is a five-star destination restaurant of its own. All food was carefully prepared and presented with style. The service is attentive without being bothersome.

Pros: An "older" hotel that has been kept up and has plenty of charm.

Cons: Nothing to dislike.


My Sweet Hotel Deal is Not Your Sweet Hotel Deal

So while both guests rated the hotel very high, 8 of 10 and 10 of 10 points on their score, each wrote a very different description of their experience.  Robert felt that the hotel was “very outdated for the price paid”. Whereas Amy was pleased that the hotel was authentic and had been “carefully maintained as opposed to gutted and modernized.”  It’s important to read the reviews themselves and not just look at the average of the review scores.  Getting a sweet hotel deal is different for everyone.  If you’re like Amy and stay in an older hotel that has lost its charm through extensive modernization and remodeling you’ll be disappointed.  However, if you tend to be more like Robert, You’ll expect modern amenities and upgrades and won’t mind that the hotel has had to sacrifice some of the integrity of its original era to please more demanding guests that want the experience of a modern hotel chain in a small luxury hotel.  So a sweet hotel deal in a small luxury hotel is only sweet if you read the reviews and make a selection that meets your needs.  Not all highly rated sweet hotel deals are going to be the same or even similar to different types of travelers with very different expectations and travel needs.

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