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Sweet Hotel Deals Aren’t Just Suite Hotel Rooms

Sure, Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com offers a large selection of sweet hotel deals on the inventory of hotel rooms and hotel suites, but we specialize in providing hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and accommodations from boutique and historic owner-operated hotels and inns.  This type of room inventory is often highly undervalued due to the difficulty they have marketing their availability to the typical travel consumer.  Many travelers don’t know what keywords to use when searching for boutique hotels, small hotels, or a small luxury or historic owner-operated hotel.

The major hotel chains have the budget and the means to conduct aggressive television, radio, and Internet marketing campaigns to brand their hotel booking websites into household names.  The result of such effective branding is that the highest margin major hotel chains generally get the best exposure on the most highly branded hotel booking websites.  Where does this leave room for local inns, bed and breakfasts, small luxury hotels, historic hotels, and family owned and operated boutique hotels?

Each Room or Suite in a Boutique Hotel is Typically Unique.

Boutique Hotels have a lived in character and charm of their own. These hotels are independent and not part of a national chain of accommodations.  So pleasantly, You won’t get the feeling that your room in Tampa is exactly the same as your room in Phoenix.  Often, travelers will find a sweet hotel deal in a boutique hotel that they have stayed in before, and request the same sweet room on future travels.  It’s like a home away from home and takes the commercial cookie-cutter atmosphere out of the room and makes it more like an extension of your own home.  And that’s why it’s “sweet”; it’s like a second home that you can travel to when you need a break or a short vacation. If you’ve never stayed in one of these sweet hotel deals before then you owe it to yourself and your family to check out the personal experience of boutique hotels and their sweet hotel rooms.

Sweet Hotel Deals in Independent Hotels

Prices for a sweet hotel deal in independendent hotels, boutique hotels, historic hotels, and small luxury hotels are generally a little more competitive than their hotel chain counterparts and you’ll expect to get better amenities included in the room rate.  Some boutique hotels offer a breakfast included in the room rate; and often it’s a homemade breakfast and not a cereal and juice bar like you would expect from the major chain hotels.  Check the hotel amenities and description for the complete offering included in the room rate. So next time you are thinking of a short break or a get-away vacation, consider booking with Sweet-Hotel-Deals.com to stay in a sweet hotel room with charm, character and a history all its own.

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